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What to register for: all the things for baby from birth through toddler years

All the things. You will accumulate a large amount of stuff for your little one. This is a comprehensive list of what you will need for your munchkin from birth through the toddler years. There are a few things I did not cover. For instance, toys, everybody has different preferences for what types of toys to introduce to little ones, and inevitably kiddos will be bombarded with toys for every birthday and Christmas. Have fun selecting toys to share with your new family member, and encourage loved ones to get them clothes, books, or diapers when possible, to balance out the amount of playthings.

And seriously, kids are happy with all the things already in the house. For example, kitchen things: pots, spoons, measuring cups, the potato masher (this can also be a flying broom as Eli will tell you). So, if you are ever in a bind, and need to distract a little one with an object unique to them, look no further than the ordinary household things.

I did not discuss foods. All families have favorite recipes and foods, and may breastfeed or formula feed, may make their own baby food or buy the baby food. I'm happy to have a conversation about food, but I won't list foods here.

My list skews toward boy moms, because I have two boys. So for my girl moms out there, substitute girl underwear rather than boy underwear and so on. I have not tried products specific to baby girls, so I won't list and link those here. But 99% of all the things are used for boys and girls, so this list is definitely helpful for both.

My advice, don't buy much before your baby shower. Register for everything you want. Then, after your baby shower or showers, go buy whatever you did not receive with the cash and gift cards from your shower. Be prepared to receive a lot of baby clothes. People love to buy cute clothes for baby, and I don't blame them, just keep this in mind. Also, I would register online, and at a brick and mortar store. Older generations sometimes don't like to shop online, and prefer to do their shopping in person.

Ok, I think that covers it. Could you take care of your kiddo with a lot less stuff? You bet! Will you more than likely have a bunch more than this living at your house? Definitely! But this is the list of stuff I have needed, and would buy again if I had to do it all over. I hope it helps! You got this Momma!

On a side note, I go into the why for some, but not all items on the list. Send me any questions and I will be happy to answer.

Bed and Bedding

Crib, for the nursery when baby transitions to sleeping in their own room, around 4 months or older Mattress Fitted sheets 3 Mattress covers 3, makes clean up easier

Graco Pack 'n Play, a smaller, portable crib that can be taken along on trips. This can be used as the crib while baby is sleeping in your room from 0-4 months. If they are safely sleeping in their pack 'n play next to your bed, this makes getting up in the middle of the night to feed baby a lot easier.

Mattress for pack 'n play

Sheets 3 for pack 'n play

Mattress cover 3 for pack 'n play


A clock with a thermometer for baby's room, this is one of my favorite items. This lets me know easily how I need to dress my baby for sleep and how to adjust the temperature in the house so everyone gets a good night's sleep. My little one sleeps best when the temperature is between 69 and 71 degrees. If it's warmer, I know I need to run the fan, and if it's warmer than 73 or warmer, he's going to be sweating, and he may need a cooler outfit and no sleep sack. If it's 67 or colder, he's going to be cold, and I need to bump the heat up or make sure he's in a warmer outfit or swaddle.

Baby monitor, we use the inexpensive, old style monitor that uses a lower frequency, due to concerns with certain frequencies of other monitors potentially not being good for baby's brain. We don't know for sure if other monitors are just fine, we're just erring on the side of caution.

Bath Time Bath support Baby wash Toothpaste Toothbrush

Bottles, Breastfeeding Bottles If you plan to stay at home and breastfeed exclusively, you don't need very many bottles, just a few for those occasions when you go out on a date night, go run errands solo, or go on a trip without baby. If this sounds like your plan, I'd get 4 bottles, the same one can be used all day if rinsed and stored in the fridge, and then you have 3 back ups if you need a clean one. If you plan on returning to work or formula feeding, you may want to up your bottle count a little. This way you can make sure you're not cursing yourself for forgetting to start the dishwasher, and you need to leave the house asap. Pump, if you are planning to breastfeed, and are returning to work, or want to have a night out without baby, you will need a pump. Bottle brush Milk storage bags for breastfeeding mommas Breast pads

Diaper, Changing Station Diaper genie Butt cream for changing station

Butt cream for diaper bag Wipe warmer Lamp for changing station Water proof pad for changing station Lotion lubriderm sensitive skin Water wipes Diapers Pampers Swaddlers sizes n-6, Cruisers size 7

Diapers Huggies overnight size 6, these are for when a regular diaper can no longer prevent leaks overnight, they are more absorbent and save me from having a crying kid in the middle of the night and from changing sheets in the middle of the night.

Changing pad

Diaper bag

Eating Bib modern twist Spoons Square flat plastic reusable containers with sides and lids, these can most likely be found at the grocery store in the grocery store brand for cheaper, just look for this shape. These are great because they're reusable, have lids so I can easily pop any leftovers in the fridge. They are flat on the bottom instead of round, so it is harder for a toddler to knock them over, the container has deep enough sides that help them scrape up their food and keep most of it in the container. Forks with metal tines so can stab food easier

Sippy cup 2 High chair (For some reason I can't link this kind of product, but I can tell you about the two high chairs/booster seats I've tried and the chair fellow mommas recommend.) Graco SimpleSwitch Portable High Chair, this one can do both. It can be free standing on its own or the legs can be removed and the booster seat can be secured to a chair. I like this one because it has a large tray with a lip, so most of the mess stays contained and not on the floor. The Bumbo Multi Seat is a booster seat that can be set on a surface or strapped to a chair. I like this seat, because it helps babies who are not sitting on their own yet strengthen those core muscles safely. My little one cannot fall over or fall out of this seat even when he is practically touching is head to his toes. I like having both the Graco highchair and the Bumbo Multi Seat, because I have two kiddos, and this way we can all sit down and eat together, and mom can be hands free. Another seat I haven't tried, but is recommended by other mommas is the Fisher-Price SpaceSaver High Chair. Like the Bumbo, it straps to a chair. The mommas say they love it, because it saves space and can easily be brought along to family's houses for get togethers, and the tray is dishwasher safe.

Blankets, Burp Cloths, Swaddles, Sleep Sacks, Clothes Receiving Blankets, you are going to need a lot of these, 20 or more. These are usually used as a barrier between you and spit up. They are also of course multi purpose to clean up all sorts of baby messes. I would use all of these and need to wash them daily during the first few weeks. As baby grows and matures, I use fewer, but they are still used often and daily. Burp cloths, you will also need a lot of these, 15 or more. Same deal, these are a barrier between you and messes, and get used a lot. Onesies/bodysuits sizes nb(newborn)-24 months, 6 bodysuits in each size. I would recommend getting light to medium colors. If you get a dark color like black or navy, it is hard to see leaks, and instead you will have to touch the bottoms and trim around the legs to see if it is wet with pee or poop. So, it's nice to be able to readily see if there's a leak on clothes that are light colors. Keep in mind, my second baby was 10 lbs when he was born, and went straight to 3-6 month old clothes, size 1 diapers, then quickly size 2 diapers, and was in size 6 diapers by 8 months old. On the other hand, my 3 year old was in a size 7 diaper. So, have a few things in the smaller sizes till you know how big he or she will be, and focus more on stocking the larger sizes, 3-6 month and up. Longsleeve onesies/bodysuits for sleep or cold weather 3 in each size. Same thing, avoid dark colors till they are older and are not leaking often. Pants 4 in each size, sizes nb-24 months, same thinking here, get light colored pants so you can see leaks without having to touch the mystery spots. 2T t-shirts and up, 6 in each size 2T-5T (a number followed by the letter T are toddler sizes, 2T equates 2 year old, 3T 3 year old and so on, but the size you will need will be determined by the size of your little one, not their age. For instance, my second son has been wearing 24 month/2T clothes since he was 8 months old. You want your baby clothes, body suits, t-shirts, shorts, and pants to be easy to fit over their head, arms, legs, and bottom so you can get them undressed and dressed as quickly and easily as possible. This will make the whole process a lot less stressful and comfortable for everyone. If it's a struggle to get something on your little one, it's time to move up a size or two. 2T shorts and up, 4 in each size 2T-5T Swaddles and Sleep Sacks

6 small/medium    4 large    2 extra large sleep sacks, as they get older there are fewer accidents, leaks, messes, and less need for quick laundry turnover, so you will not need as many sleep sacks/swaddles as they grow. Socks, I get two 6 packs, so 12 pairs of socks for each size once my toddler started walking. I don’t need socks and shoes for my youngest till my kiddo is older and walking. Unless you live in a colder climate. Jacket, 1-2, depending how often your little one goes outside at this age, and if it is cold often where you live. Most likely, you won't need a jacket till your baby is more active and walking around. When they are little and less mobile, you can just bundle them up in a blanket. Cold weather hat, 1 Sun hat, 1

Boy underwear, after potty training, 5 pair in the sizes you need, size down so that they fit snug and don't slide down. We started with the 2T/3T size.

Car, Travel Carseat infant Stroller Carseat toddler Mirror for car


Baby gate, the number depends on the layout of your house, and if your kiddo can reach door handles yet, and if you can easily lock and unlock doors, but your little one can't. We originally used two baby gates. Now we use just one to keep our little one's out of our bedroom area, because we cannot see them from the living room or kitchen if they go in there.

Fence, you heard me, you might want to get a fence to divide a space to keep baby out of a specific area and allow them to play in the safe area. For instance in our house, we have the open living area divided with a fence. On one side is the computer desk with all the computer related things and cords that are off limits to our kiddos. Then the other part of the living area is their play area.

Safety, Baby Proofing

Outlet covers, not all outlet plug covers are created equal, some are very easy for toddlers to pry off. We have had good luck with these.

Cabinet locks

Wall anchors for furniture, don't underestimate a toddler's ability to climb, anchor dressers and book cases, and any other furniture deemed a risk.

Potty Training

Things you will need for potty training: 1.) Patience, there are three things you can not force your kiddo to do: eat, sleep, or poop. Realize that your little one wants to please you, and understands you're not happy if things aren't going so well with potty training. This transition will not last for ever, I promise. 2.) Long weekend with no bottoms, no diaper, no underwear. This seems to help most parents and kiddos make progress. Keep in mind, there will be accidents, but going without bottoms seems to help kiddos realize by themselves that they made an uh oh and don't want to repeat the situation. 3.) Don't rush it, they may not be ready until 2 1/2 - 3 years old, or you may have an early kiddo who is easily potty trained (congratulations! woohoo!) But seriously, it's not a competition, don't listen when other moms tell you their little one was potty trained by 2 or whatever age. Your kid is yours, don't let anyone make you think you have to reach each milestone by a certain period of time, ever. Ok, here's what you need.

Kid Seat

Step Stool

That's it for now. Good luck Momma!

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