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We Moved!

It has been a long time since I've written, but I'm back. We have moved from Southeast Texas all the way to North Utah. It was a process of packing and planning and unpacking and storing and getting to know our new town. We sold our house in Texas and are now living in a two bedroom apartment with our pets and kids of course. We've just started looking for a house and are also considering building if we can afford to. The building cost seems reasonable, but land is expensive here relative to Texas.

The housing market here in Logan is competitive, and not much is available for now, but we're hoping that changes in the spring and summer. Fortunately, we are in no hurry, and are comfortable living in the apartment and enjoying trying new things.

In Vidor, where we moved from, snow occurs maybe one day every couple of years. In Logan, we have snow throughout the winter months, enough snow to hike, play, and ski all winter long. Before we moved up here, we were concerned about the weather, if we would enjoy the cold and the snow, and we have been pleasantly surprised. We like getting dressed in our snow bibs and hiking in the canyons. Our oldest, who is four, and I are learning to ski for the first time, and loving it. My husband is already a comfortable skier and is trying out snowboarding for the first time. We are in love with our new home, and in awe every time we look outside and see mountains.

So, now that we have started to settle in, I am ready to start working on a few things including writing and sharing things we find that we love and creating some art for our future home. I'll be breaking these up into different posts including: kid things, products we've tried and would recommend, fun gifts for little ones, new activities we are trying with our kids now that we live in a different environment, what we have had to add to our warm weather wardrobe to stay cozy in the cold, recipes I've been experimenting with, ideas for art projects to decorate our house with, winter activities, and all the things. Thanks for reading, more soon!

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