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Warning about solicitors while at the hospital

Alright, something I did not expect when I had my first little one at the hospital was the number of people who were allowed to enter our hospital room that were not doctors or nurses, and did not work for the hospital. I want to give a heads up to any first time mommas, so hopefully, you can be on your guard, and communicate to the nurses, who you want coming into your room, when you are most vulnerable after having a baby.

With our first son, we were naive (read more about this in my blog post What I would bring to the hospital and advice for first time mommas). Let me describe the solicitors, these people knock on the door, and come in to do their sales pitch, while you're still thinking only a nurse or a doctor would be coming in to your room. 1.) The volunteer, who comes from a local organization to tell you all the ins and out of how your baby can die. SIDS, leaving them in a hot car, shaken baby syndrome, you name it, they describe it, while you're breastfeeding your baby, and hoping your spouse comes back soon with food, and helps you get this stranger out of your room. 2.) The photographer, a random photographer comes into your room to photograph you and your newborn. Meanwhile, you're recovering in your hospital gown, and trying to take a nap. 3.) The hearing test, now you may want a hearing test administered, maybe you have preexisting conditions in your family history or a premature delivery, but our insurance tried their best to not cover this hearing test. I feel we could determine if our baby didn't respond to sound in the coming months, but do what you are most comfortable with. 4.) The flower delivery, yep, a random person who delivers flowers knocks, and comes in while you're breastfeeding thinking it was the nurse or the doctor coming to check on you. Nope, it's another stranger.

So, that is four instances of strangers that were not nurses or doctors coming into our hospital room right after we had Eli. I am in a hospital gown, all three of us are sleep deprived, and we are trying to do our best keeping all the information from the doctors, and nurses straight, while we get these additional interruptions.

So, with our second baby, when we got to the hospital, we told our nurses to not allow any solicitors into our room, and we described all of these individuals, and like magic, we were not disturbed by a single unwanted soul. So, my best advice is to be clear with the nurses who are taking care of you, about who you want to come into your hospital room, and hopefully you will have a much better experience for it.

I also want to share that you will have a number of people come into your hospital room in addition to the nurses and doctors, and who are welcome and appreciated, but I want to be upfront with the number of people that will be in and out all day. Nurses for you, nurses for baby, doctors for you, doctors for baby, lactation consultants, cafeteria food delivery people, food tray retrieval people, janitorial staff to take dirty blankets and trash, and additional nursing staff that just check your vitals that are not your regular assigned nurse. And the anesthesiologist before you have baby, if you have an epidural. I think that's everyone. This is another reason why I encourage you to limit the number of visitors at the hospital to the absolute minimum you can get away with. It is hard enough to get some rest with the amount of hospital staff that you interact with all day and night. I hope this helps. You got this Momma!

ps That's me and sweet baby Max.

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