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Sweat App Workout at Home

I want to be mindful of our current circumstances, and share some things that help me. As a stay at home mom, I feel like I did not need to change my routine too much to adjust to the current situation with remaining isolated. So, first thing I want to share is the Sweat App. By now, most gyms, if not all, are closed, and those who look forward to their workouts may find themselves without equipment. The Sweat App has multiple programs designed for moms who are not able to get to the gym. I currently am doing the PWR (Power) Post-Pregnancy workout. Each program lasts a number of weeks and builds in intensity. I like the post-pregnancy workout, because I can keep up as a beginner and build up my strength. The first few weeks included four LISS (low intensity steady state) cardio sessions lasting thirty-five minutes, like walking, cycling, or running, and one resistance session either upper or lower body. Then as the weeks progress, it shifts to less cardio and more resistance. Each time I begin the program again, I feel stronger and better able to do each step. If any of the exercises are too difficult, they can be modified, or if the circuits are not challenging enough, more weight can be added. After I complete the post-pregnancy program, I plan to begin the PWR at Home. I'm looking forward to building more strength.

There are also other programs that I have not tried yet, but may be more your speed. There is BBG (Bikini Body Guide) which is more challenging than PWR Post-Pregnancy, FIERCE at Home, LIFTING at Home, BBG Post-Pregnancy which is more for beginners than the original BBG, BBG Stronger, PWR, FIERCE, BUILD, and Body and Mind which is yoga. This app has a video of each exercise performed to demonstrate proper posture and form which helps me do each movement correctly and safely. It's short, each workout session is twenty-eight minutes long with two circuits of exercises done twice. I like that it gets me moving and gives me a goal to complete each week. I know I need to get three LISS cardio sessions and two resistance sessions done each week, and I can plan to make it happen. As a stay at home mom, I find it best to do resistance during nap time, and cardio at night after we put the kids to bed. Now, with everyone staying home, I get to benefit from my husband working from home, and I can go on a walk while the kids take a nap. I hope this helps you continue or begin your fitness routine. Let me know what you think.

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