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This is the first year we started decorating for Christmas. In the past, our kids were too young to understand. We also have three cats that make having a tree in the house a challenge. But this year, our 3 year old has been excited about all things Christmas, so, we are too. Currently our Christmas tree is on top of our dog’s kennel surrounded by boxes, so, the cats can’t jump up and eat the pine needles, and then proceed to paint the floor with their barf. Why can’t they just leave the tree alone? If you have a funny Christmas arrangement happening in your house due to pets or kids, please share, I’d love to see.

Anyways, since our kiddo is into Christmas, I wanted to get us stockings, and they are super cute. Target has some of the prettiest stockings to choose from. I know we will love these for years to come. I got four different ones. I wanted each one to be unique. I also chose stockings I felt like could be any one of ours, so, they are simple but beautiful. They are all a good size too, they look smaller in the photos than they actually are. They are thick, feel good, seem to be good quality, like they will hold up over time, and survive kid handling. And they are all under $15.

I also got mantle hooks that easily slide onto our wooden bar that acts as a pass through between the kitchen and the living room, and they work great. They simply slide on and then the plastic grippy material helps them hold on and once the weight of the stocking tugs on them they are anchored. So, no nails and they are ready to go.

I linked all the stockings below each individual picture, so, they are easy to find. Where did you find your favorite stockings?

Navy and White Knit Christmas Stocking

White Stocking with Black Detail

Dark Blue Stocking with Red Detail

Winter City Scene Stocking

Mantle Clips

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