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Space Out Help: Have Back Up Come When You Need Them Most

After our son was born, my husband was home with me for the first week and a half. When he returned to work, that's when I needed help from some kind souls during the day. This is what worked best for me, but always do what works best for you.

So, when my husband returned to work, my sister came during the day, and helped me out for a few days. She brought food over, folded laundry, cooked, and entertained my oldest, while Max and I tried to get some rest. When she had to go back to work, my mom would come by when I needed a break. So, I could take a shower, take a nap, or eat hands free.

My advice is to spread out your help, don't have everyone come at once. In other words, I didn't need more than one person helping out at the same time. Eventually, you will be on your own, so try to take help when it's offered, or make some flexible plans ahead of time to have some backup. This way you can take better care of yourself while you recover those first few weeks.

Hope this helps. You got this Momma!

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