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Sleep Problems: My Best Advice

Updated: May 18, 2018

Ok, so as parents we run into different problems with our little ones and seek out advice usually from google and our pediatrician. One issue we had with our first kiddo was transitioning him to sleeping through the night in his own room. This is one of the many typical hurdles parents have to cross at some point. Solve Your Child's Sleep Problems by Richard Ferber explains all different sleep related issues you may or may not face and how to practically resolve them. Initially, when we tried to sleep train our son, my husband had not bought into the idea of listening to him cry himself to sleep and checking on him only after the decided amount of time had past. So, we failed the first go round, and he continued to wake in the middle of the night and need to be consoled and returned to bed. Then, at our next doctor's visit, we went through our nightly troubles with our pediatrician. I love our pediatrician, she is always direct and practical and is never flustered in any situation. She simply says, "nobody died from crying." And this made sense to my husband, so we tried again and within 3 or 4 nights, our little one started sleeping through the night. And during those 3 to 4 nights when he was learning to fall asleep on his own, he was going to sleep more quickly and crying less each night. I'm not going to lie. The hardest part is listening to them wail, but if you stick to it, everyone will be a lot happier and healthier if they get a good night of sleep. I hope this book helps you with your little one. You can do this.

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