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Project Box: Bear Pillow Project Work in Progress

So, I am working out the details for the second Project Box (I'm kicking this name around for our art box). This project is the Bear Pillow. I'm trying to streamline this project as much as possible to help increase the likelihood that we will all enjoy and finish this project. So, this is what I have so far.

In each box I'm planning on including the following, which is subject to change as I create my own pillow and see how things works out.

In the box:

1. A right and left bear shape cut out of linen with a quarter inch seam allowance. I'm planning on drawing the line where we need to sew to help keep the shape of the bear intact.

2. A 30 milliliter bottle of Permaset Aqua Ink in Jet Black, this the ink that will be rolled onto our stamps.

3. A foam brayer to roll the ink.

4. A 2 x 3 inch piece of linoleum to cut up or carve in as few or as many stamps as desired to create a pattern on the fabric.

5. Needle and cotton thread to sew our two sides together, print to print, front to front, or inside out which ever makes the most sense.

6. A piece of parchment paper to roll the ink onto.

7. Polyfil to stuff the bear pillow once three sides have been sewn closed.

8. And possibly linoleum carving tools, to make more elaborate stamps, but I may cut this from this project to help simplify things.

So, the plan would be to first create one stamp or more. Then create a pattern with these shapes on the fabric. We could practice making patterns on paper until we are satisfied with the result, and then replicate the one we prefer on our bear cutouts, going all the way out to the edge with our patterns.

Then once the ink has dried. We will match front to front together and sew the two sides of our bear together, leaving one side open, so, we can stuff him full of polyester stuffing when we are ready.

Then, once he's nice and fluffy, we sew him closed with a ladder stitch, which I will demonstrate when the time comes, as well as, all of the rest of the process with a helpful video, pictures, and instructions. I don't consider myself a sewer, so, I will be learning right along with you, and will keep things as simple as possible.

And then we are done, and he can find the perfect spot in your home to be on display: on the couch, on the bed, or in the nursery. The linen will be organic, the stuffing hypoallergenic, and the ink is non toxic. So, it is safe to use this pillow and all its supplies in your home. So, once I get the rest of the materials in. I will begin making our pillow and let you see the process. Thanks for reading! I am excited to start on all of our projects!

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