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Potty Training: Mom Advice

Things you will need for potty training:

1.) Patience, there are three things you can not force your kiddo to do: eat, sleep, or poop. I have to take a step back sometimes, and realize my little guy wants to please me most of the time, and understands I'm not happy if things aren't going so well with potty training. This transition will not last for ever.

2.) Long weekend with no bottoms, no diaper, no underwear. This helped get a jump start on progress. Keep in mind, there are accidents, but going without bottoms seems to help kiddos realize that they made an uh oh, and don't want to repeat the situation.

3.) Don't rush it, they may not be ready until 2 1/2 - 3 years old, or they may be an early kiddo who is easily potty trained (congratulations! woohoo!). It's not a competition, don't worry when other moms say their little one was potty trained by 2. My kid is mine, I know them best, I don't let anyone make me think I have to reach a milestone by a certain period of time. I know if my kiddo is struggling and needs help, or if he's moving at his own pace, and will get there when he's ready.

Ok, here's what you need.

Kid Seat

Step Stool

These two objects help my little guy practice being independent. He sits on the actual toilet and flushes. I prefer this over having a separate potty chair. I don't want to clean anymore things than I have to.

The step stool allows him to climb up safely and without my assistance. Initially, I did help him climb up, and stayed in the bathroom to encourage or assist or motivate him. But now we can tell him to go potty and he can go by himself, get undressed, go potty, flush, and get dressed again. But it definitely took at least 6 months of working on potty training to get to this point. We still occasionally have accidents, usually when he gets busy playing, and doesn't get reminded to take a break and go potty. But otherwise, he does pretty well.

We have not crossed the bridge of no diaper while napping or bedtime. We tried initially when he first started going potty successfully all day with no accidents, but we quickly were changing sheets, and having a screaming kid on our hands mid nap or in the middle of the night daily.

But now, I think we're ready to try again since he is able to dress and undress on his own. So, I'll keep you updated with how our progress goes from here. You're not alone with the potty training struggle, but like all things, they'll figure it out eventually. Best of luck! You got this Momma!

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