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Play Mats

We have tile floors throughout our house which is hard on our little guy. We found play mats to layer and provide a cushion between our little one's head and the floor, especially when he was learning how to sit up and tumbling over. I layered two mats on top of each other, the ECR4Kids mat and the rainbow Wonder Mat from Amazon, which worked great, but I also positioned pillows behind him when he was initially learning to sit up. Once he got the hang of it, I removed the pillows.

The ECR4Kids mat has a polyurethane upholstery surface on top that is easy to wipe down and clean, the inside is foam, and the bottom is a thicker more durable material. This mat on its own is not thick enough to protect against my infant's head bumping on the floor, but with the Wonder Mat underneath, I wasn't worried.

The Wonder Mat is made out of a durable, more firm foam material that feels more like a gym floor. It's not soft like the foam in the ECR4Kids mat, but it is definitely softer than the tile floor and creates a protective buffer between my little guys and the hard floor. These mats also keep my little ones warm and more comfortable since the tile is usually cold.

I wanted a larger surface area that was cushioned for my three year old to play on, so, I ended up getting a second Wonder Mat that was one solid color, grey, through Wonder Mat's site They have nine colors to choose from. I was able to attach the rainbow squares to the grey squares and make a large surface for my boys to play on.

What are your favorite things to make the play area more comfortable for your little ones?

ecr4kids softzone patchwork toddler foam play mat

wonder mat rainbow

wonder mat grey

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