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On the Move: Car Seats and Stroller

Chicco KeyFit, Chicco Next FIt, car seat, baby, toddler

We have found through research, that it's best to have a car seat designed specifically for infants and then a larger one as they grow, and this seat accommodates toddlers for years. So, for the infant car seat we went with the Chicco KeyFit. It comes with padded inserts to help support tiny bodies that can then be removed as baby grows. The cover is removable and washable which is essential with baby things. It is complicated to put the cover back on, but fortunately there are kind souls on YouTube who walked me through it, and now I can take it on and off no problem. This seat comes with a base that stays secured in the car and the seat locks into place, but can also be removed from the car when desired. My second little guy is a lot larger than my first, and I prefer to leave the car seat in the car, and just take him out when we get to where we need to be. It's hard to carry a heavy baby in a big car seat, but I did do this more often with my oldest.

Chicco NextFit, car seat, toddler, booster seat

When we reached the maximum size on the infant seat, we moved up to the Chicco NextFit. This seat also has removable padded inserts to support smaller babies. This seat can face backward or forward. We had the seat facing back until our 3 year old maxed out the height. So, we just recently faced him forward. When he was backward facing he rode comfortably with his knees bent.

Stroller, cortina, chicco

We also got the stroller that fits the infant car seat. Which I used when I did not want to carry around the heavy carrier. I have also used this as a stroller alone without the car seat as my oldest grew. It's a great way to go on long walks or outings, and not have to worry about over tiring him or having to carry him. It rolls smoothly and is easy to steer. There is a storage basket underneath that I am able to squeeze my large back pack size diaper bag into if I want. The tray on the front is removable if desired. This tray has two cup holders and a central dish for snacks. There is another cup holder where the handle bar is located, as well as, a small storage compartment that I leave open to use as another cup holder. The back of the seat also can recline back all the way so that if baby falls asleep, or is already asleep, they can lay down flat. The seat cover is removable and washable. The handle bar can be adjusted up and down for comfort. This stroller also collapses to be easier to store in the back of the vehicle, but is still pretty large and not as compact as some other strollers can be.

We also got mirrors for the headrests so that we could see our little ones when we glanced in the rear view mirror. This helps a lot since they are rear facing to see if they have fallen asleep, and lets me check on them quickly when we're in the car.

I hope this helps you decide on what kind of travel system you need for your little one. Here are links for the seats and stroller. Let me know your questions and I'll do my best to help.

Infant Car Seat: Chicco KeyFit

Toddler Car Seat: Chicco NextFit

Stroller with Infant Car Seat: Chicco Cortina CX Travel System with Chicco KeyFit

Mirror for backseat

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