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My First: Animals, One of My Favorite Books for Kids

My First: Animals by DK Children is a great addition to your little one's shelf. This book is filled with photographs of real animals with their proper name. I find a lot of children's books have cartoon animals that don't represent real life, and this can be confusing and does not help my kiddo learn what these animals are. The words are more difficult for little ones at first, but they will eventually identify things by their actual name. I find it less confusing to start with the actual word/description of something, and an accurate picture of what I am trying to describe. This book is a long one, so it has a lot for my kiddo to look at on their own, or I may want to read a few pages, instead of the whole book, if it's bed or nap time.

The diversity of the animals opens up a lot more conversation with my little ones. For instance, depending on their age, I can ask them questions, like which animal has black and white stripes? Or did you know that bats eat bugs like mosquitoes? Are you bigger or smaller than a rhinoceros? It's also fun to watch youtube videos of animals that interest my kiddo, so they can see them move and hear what noises they make and can get a sense of their size.

This is an identification type of book instead of a narrative. In other words, there are several animals per page with their names. My First: Animals comes as a board book, so it's durable and the pages turn easily for small hands, and it's small, so it's not too cumbersome for my kiddo to hold. So, if you're looking for an animal book to add to your shelf, this is a good one. Let me know what you think.

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