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My Favorite Zip Up Swaddle: Love To Dream Swaddle UP 50/50

Love To Dream Swaddle UP 50/50 is another swaddle I really love.  My second boy is a lot bigger than my first, and these come in larger sizes, and still make him feel snug and sleep soundly.  Another neat thing, they have little arm caps or wings that are removable. So, initially the wings were zipped on, and he was able to sleep with his arms up by his head, but still secure in the sleeping bag to help prevent him from startling awake.  Then, I was able to take these off to allow him to move his arms freely, but he is still snug in the sleeping bag, this allows a smoother transition from sleeping with his arms more secure to having them free.  The sleeping bag is also great, because it keeps their feet covered and warm.  In other words, it’s a blanket they can’t kick off or pull on top of their head.  I like the 50/50, because it's a light weight fabric that doesn’t get too hot. It's like a cotton t-shirt kind of feel to give you an idea of how thick and warm this fabric is. They also have an even lighter, thinner material, the 50/50 lite, if you have a hot sleeper, and a warmer fabric, the 50/50 warm, for cooler climates. My kiddo is now 8 months old and I still use these, but I don't zip them all the way up anymore, and I tuck the edges of the collar in, so that he has more room around his neck. The style of the narrow neck is helpful when they are younger and smaller, and during this time I was still using the wings. The narrow neck prevents their Houdini hands from getting out and pulling down the swaddle, which they can do in other types of swaddles when the swaddle becomes too small, or they are not as secure of a design.  So, if you need a swaddle for a larger baby or want a way to keep them covered at night in a safe way, this is a great solution. Let me know what you think.

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