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Mittens for Kids

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So, I know we're approaching spring, but it you live in a cold climate or want to stock up for next season, I'll be sharing all my winter gear. I have two sets of mittens for my kids. One set is just knit, soft, everyday mittens that can be easily put on and taken off, but they are not waterproof. These keep my kids hands cozy and warm on our everyday outings. My kids are also both able to put these on and take them off on their own. One is two years old, and the other is four years old. These also come in different colors if you don't want black or teal. These mittens come in sets of two. I was able to get one size, 1-3 years old, and they fit both kids' hands. I also ordered these again when I lost one mitten, and now have an extra pair I keep in the car for just in case.

mittens, waterproof, winter, gear, toddlers, kids

For when we go hiking in the snow, skiing, or just playing outside when it's cold and wet, I have these waterproof mittens. They have a Velcro flap that can be tightened or loosened for a more customized fit. This flap also helps, because it makes the mitten a little easier to put on and take off by opening the flap. These are a little trickier to put on when my kids have their larger waterproof jackets on, just cause I'm trying to get them under the sleeve of the jacket, over the long sleeve shirt, and firmly on each hand. It's definitely doable, but like somethings, takes a minute. But once they're on, they stay on, and the kids have warm, dry hands all day. These also come in different colors. I got the 2-3 year old size for my 2 year old who is a big 2 year old, and they fit great with room to keep wearing them another year. I got the 4-5 year old size for my 4 year old, and they fit great, and I think he'll be able to wear them another year as well.

Oh and just a mom tip, I get a different color for each kid; so, I can tell which mittens belong to which kid. And for the most part, I have color coded, so my oldest gets mostly black winter gear, and my youngest gets mostly blue. But whatever I do, I don't get matching or the same color for both, because I would have to check which size I was actually holding every time. Hope this helps with your mitten shopping. Thanks for reading.

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