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Miss Jones Sugar Cookies

Miss Jones, Sugar Cookies, baking, Christmas, cookie cutters, cookie decorating, cookies, sugar cookie

One of my favorite memories was baking sugar cookies with my grandmothers. I loved mixing the ingredients, rolling out the dough, cutting out different shapes, decorating, and then of course eating our delicious creations. I wanted to share the fun experience with my little guy. So, I got fun cookie cutter shapes and decided to try an organic sugar cookie mix to make things easy.

Miss Jones, Sugar cookies, baking, cookie cutter, Christmas, Ann Clark, cookies

Miss Jones Sugar Cookies are the best! The only ingredients I needed to add were 1 egg, 6 tablespoons of softened butter, and 1/4 cup of all purpose flour. I didn't have a blender and was easily able to mix everything together with a whisk and then spatula per the instructions. The directions are easy to follow and provide methods for all types of scenarios: with blender, no blender, drop cookies, rolled out cookies, etc.

Miss Jones, cookies, sugar cookie, baking, Christmas, cookie cutters

After I first whisked the egg and butter together, I then added the mix and flour until combined, and then used my hands to form the dough into a ball by kneading firmly. We rolled it out on parchment paper, and I let my toddler cut out shapes with the cookie cutters. We gently placed them on a parchment paper lined cookie sheet, baked in the oven for 11 minutes per instructions, and they came out perfect. Fluffy and chewy and oh so good. They are delicious plain or we took it one step further, and got Miss Jones Organic Vanilla Frosting. And oh my goodness, they are the best sugar cookies we have ever had. I'm being very serious with you. These are next level sugar cookies.

Miss Jones, Sugar cookies, cookie cutters, cookie decorating, Christmas, cookies

The frosting is made with coconut oil, so, it needs to be stirred when opened, but otherwise it is ready to go. It has a pinch of sea salt which is what sets it apart as far as frosting goes. It's sweet with a hint of saltiness to balance out the sugar. If you are looking for a fun activity with your little ones that makes a delicious treat that makes everyone smile, this is the one.

Miss Jones, cookies, sugar cookies, cookie decorating, Christmas, Ann Clark

ps We got our cute cookie cutters from Ann Clark. She makes cookie cutters for every occasion. We have the Halloween and Christmas cookie cutters so far.

Miss Jones, cookie cutters, Ann Clark, sugar cookies, Christmas

Miss Jones, Sugar cookies, cookie cutters, Halloween, Ann Clark

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