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Keekaroo: Favorite Changing Pad

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The Keekaroo Peanut Changer is expensive starting around $105! I wish it wasn't, but I would buy it again, and this is why. It's easy to clean. Just wipe it down, rinse it off, and dry it, and it's ready to go. There are no covers that need to be removed, washed, and put back on. The changing pad itself can be scrubbed in a sink or a tub if need be, and rinsed. Although, I have not had to resort to this yet, but I'm sure one colossal mess will happen at some point and I won't need to sweat it.

It's heavier than other changing pads, so, it doesn't slide around unless you have a bigger, older, toddler actively pushing off the dresser with their feet. This may not seem like a deal breaker, but it is. I don't want the pad to slide around when I am taking baby on and off the pad. It needs to remain still and secure which this one does. Other pads I've tried were too light and flimsy and slid around when I took baby on or off.

It looks exactly the same from when I bought it with our first little one, who is now 3 years old. So, it holds up well over time and will not need to be replaced and can be used for our second kiddo.

To make it even easier to keep clean this is how I set it up: I lay a large blanket folded in half on top of it and then a cloth diaper on top of that where the baby's bottom will go. The cloth diaper is more absorbent and absorbs any pee should we have an accident, and the blanket catches any spit up, and prevents it from pooling on the changing pad and soaking my little one's hair. This set up also allows me to quickly chuck the blanket and the cloth diaper in the wash and put fresh ones on as needed.

I also use the Keekaroo changing pad during bath time. See post: Bath Time: What You Need and Step by Step How To for more info. So, I used it as a soft support to bathe baby when he was a newborn, and we did a sponge bath. Then, as he got a older, as the place to dry him off. I placed the changing pad across the sink, so, it could be in the nice warm bathroom. A lighter, thinner changing pad would not be able to straddle a sink without folding under baby's weight.

It's pricey, but well worth it after you experience other pads. I hope this helps you decide what kind of changing pad you want for your nursery. For all the details on my changing station setup see post: Changing Station: It's Diaper Time.

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