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I Am Not Okay With This on Netflix

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I Am Not Okay With This is an unexpected coming of age story of a girl named Sydney played by Sophia Lillis. She is dealing with typical high school nonsense, being an outsider; as well as, grief over her dad's death. But soon she learns she has a whole other set of problems that she is trying to keep a secret. Although there are fantasy elements, the character of Sydney feels honest and true. The way she reacts to her mom, best friend, neighbor, and brother all feel awkward, refreshing, and natural. She bickers back and forth with her mom. She is giddy and free with her best friend. She is awkward and funny with her neighbor. She is playful and loving with her brother. She is not one thing to everyone, she reacts to the person in front her, and it feels believable. I also had a sense of deja vu, although a small role, I remember Sophia Lillis in Sharp Objects, playing a younger version of Camille Parker, played by Amy Adams as an adult. That's also a great show if you haven't seen it, but definitely heavier and darker than I Am Not Okay With This.

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