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Gift Guide for the Artist 2020

Here I've shared some of my favorite art supplies for the artist in your life. I include great supplies for the grown up maker, and kid friendly supplies too.

For the Grown Up Artist

Ticonderoga pencils, the best pencils, these are my favorite.

Pencil sharpener, the perfect pencil sharper to keep in your bag; so, you are ready to sketch anywhere and don't have to worry about pencil shavings.

Heavy duty, sharp scissors for cutting cardboard or thick materials, these are perfect for those heavy duty cutting projects using unconventional materials.

Brayer, if you got someone interested in stamping or block printing, this brayer is the bees knees.

Block Printing Ink, ink for the print maker in your life. Use this to print blocks on paper.

Rubber Carving Blocks, these are great for junior high and up. These rubber blocks can be carved to create a stamp or block to print images onto paper or t-shirts. If they want to make shirts get an ink that can be heat set onto the fabric.

This screen printing ink that can be used to roll onto blocks or stamps, and printed on fabric. Choose a light color ink for dark shirts, or a dark color ink for light shirts.

Carving Tools, sharp, fine detail, carving tools to carve your rubber, linoleum, or wood blocks.

Journal for Ideas, a beautiful notebook to keep track of all those ideas, this is small enough to carry around in a bag.

Waterproof Permanent Low Odor Fine Tipped and Extra Fine Tipped Marker, the bee knees of fine tipped markers. It is low odor; so, it does not have over powering fumes like sharpies do, and it has two different size tips on one pen.

For the Kids

Watercolors are a great way to let kids play and get messy while being creative. I would love to get a set of watercolors, brushes, and paper like the ones below as a kid.

Paint brushes, the paint brushes that come in the watercolor paint tray are not useable. These inexpensive brushes are miles better and retain their shape, so they can be used over and over for years as long as they are taken care of. To take care of brushes, just rinse any paint out when your little one is done creating, do not leave sitting in a cup of water. Gently wash the fibers with a small amount of dish soap and water, dry with a paper towel, and store with the bristles pointing up.

Watercolor paper, I love this watercolor paper. It is a thicker, more durable paper, that can hold up to getting soaked by toddler brushes, and still retains it's shape. So, you will be able to keep and frame your little one's masterpieces. This watercolor paper is thick enough, that your little one can draw or paint on the back when the front is dry.

Sketch pads

Canvas panels, these are the perfect panels for that beginner painter in your life. I would get these and the acrylic paint below together for your young artist, and some brushes.

Acrylic Paint, this acrylic paint has a heavy body, which means the paint is a thicker, smoother texture than other acrylics. This texture makes the paint richer and smoother when painting, and has more opacity and pigment. The artist can add more or less water to their paints to achieve the viscosity they desire. Other paints are thinner and have less pigment and appear more thin and transparent, and require more paint to achieve the same amount of coverage as a heavier body paint. Heavy body is the way to go.

Odorless Permanent Markers, these are great for that marker project you want to remain brilliant for years to come. These are permanent and remain bright over time, versus washable markers will fade over time. These are odorless and do not emit any strong fumes like sharpies and other permanent markers. If these are for a kid, they may need to be supervised if you expect them to color things other than their art.

Pencil case, perfect for pens, pencils, crayons, and markers. This keeps all the loose drawing supplies together in one place.

Tri-write pencils for toddlers, these pencils are thicker and three-sided, designed for little hands.

Crayons for little hands, these are larger than the classic crayons; so, they are perfect for toddlers.

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