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Favorite Book for Kids

Updated: Jul 5, 2018

We read a lot with our son, Eli, who is now three. So, we have come across some great books, some alright books, and of course a lot of duds. So, I want to share our favorites here one at a time. First up, Busy Builders, Busy Week! by Jean Reidy and illustrated by Leo Timmers is a winner for several reasons. 1.) It's a board book which is always good, because kids are destructive and have an easier time turning these sturdy pages 2.) It has great rhythm when you are reading it, always a plus 3.) The illustrations are fun and engaging. There is a lot going on with a lot of different objects, tools, trucks, and animals that you and your little one can talk about in as much or as little detail as you want. Our kiddo, likes to point out the different tools he knows 4.) It's short and sweet 5.) Each day of the week is mentioned, which helps these words become familiar the more you read Busy Week. I hope this becomes a happy addition to your shelf.

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