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Favorite Blender: Ninja

I've started making a smoothie regularly in the morning and this blender is able to blend all the ingredients into a smooth, yummy consistency. I have ingredients that were a challenge for my handheld blender: frozen banana chunks and chia seeds. Inevitably the blender would not chew up all the banana chunks and the small chia seeds remained whole, making them a difficult texture to drink. The Ninja blends everything smooth. All I have to do is push the programmed smoothie button and it knows what to do. It continues to blend until it senses that all ingredients are blended smooth.

This blender comes with two cups with lids, a bowl which is similar to a food processor, the bowl comes with a blade for chopping and one for mixing doughs, the blender blade that can screw onto either cup, and then of course the blender itself.

The Ninja also has suction cups on the bottom, that prevent it from moving on the counter when it is blending at full force. It is loud. I warn my kiddos every time I'm about to turn it on, otherwise, it startles them. Once it starts going, they don't mind the noise.

See my posts: New Smoothie Recipe and Banana Chocolate Protein Smoothie for my smoothie recipes. What is your favorite smoothie combination?

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