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Favorite App for Breastfeeding

There are a few apps that I have found to be helpful while in the midst of taking care a new baby. Baby Feed Timer is one of those apps. It's a one time price of $4.99 in the app store. I have used it for both of my kiddos.

This helps the first few weeks or months when I wanted to keep track of which breast I last fed on, and how long has it been since their last feeding. This app also has the ability to keep track of how long they sleep, how many wet and dirty diapers they had, or bottles if formula feeding or bottle feeding breast milk.

I can simply tough the screen for right or left breast to start the timer once I begin feeding baby. If I wish to pause, stop, or switch which breasts this is easily done. The app also displays the time when the next feeding may occur, 3 hours from the start of the most recent feeding. The amount of time between feedings can be changed in the settings. Of course this is not a rigid schedule I must follow when breastfeeding. I follow baby's hunger cues for when they need to be fed. Some hunger cues may be: licking lips, sticking tongue out, smacking lips, opening and closing mouth, chewing or sucking on hand or other object, rooting around on whoever is holding them, fussing, and crying.

The "Feed Timer" part of the app keeps track of breastfeeding: left or right, how long the baby fed on each breast, and when the next feeding will occur.

The "Logs" part of the app has a section called "+More" where you can keep track of wet and dirty diapers and sleep. They also have tabs within this section to keep track of solid food, growth, and reminders. I have used "Reminders" for keeping track of any medicine I had to give my little one when they were newborns.

Then there is an "Analyze" tab, which allows me to see stats all in one place if need be: average feed length, average time between feedings, numbers of feedings, number of diapers, and more so if I am really into tracking what's going on with my little one I can.

What I like best about this app is how easy it is to use. There is no learning curve, after clicking around to see where everything is, I'm ready to go. I found this app to be the most useful during those first two months when I wanted to keep track of this information for doctors visits and to help me keep track of which breast to feed my little guy in the middle of the night when I was blurry eyed and confused; so, I didn't wake up with one completely depleted breast and one enormous, painful, full breast. This may not sound like a necessity, but when I was trying to keep my baring during those first few weeks, this made life a lot easier, which is the best thing during such a crazy time. So, I hope this helps you too. Let me know what you think!

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