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Fashion: Recent Amazon Finds

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I don't consider myself a fashion blogger, but I do love sharing anything I find that I love.

So, as a mom of two young boys, a three year old and a one year old, my time is limited and valuable, and I no longer want to make time to shop for clothes. The idea of loading up my two kiddos to go first pick out possibilities to try on, then try on, then find more things or change sizes and back and forth with two in tow does not sound like a fun way to spend my time.

So, Amazon lets me try things on and send them back if I don't like them, for whatever reason, for free: too big, too small, not flattering, not as expected, and so on. And I can print the return label at home and put it back in the same box it showed up in and send it back for free. So, there's no risk, I don't get stuck with clothes I would not wear, because it's easy to send it back, and I get to try them on at home. I have Amazon Prime, so this may be different if you do not have Prime.

I also want to mention Brittany Hayes, @addisonswonderland on Instagram, she shares fashion finds from Amazon in her stories all the time, and that is where I found this sweater. So, she literally tries things on, and says what she likes about the clothing and describes it, the weight, what it feels like, what she would wear it with. So, that way I have a first hand description of what to expect, and she shows a video of herself wearing the clothing. I can see what the shirt, or dress looks like on a real live person.

So, if you need some help picking out some new things to try, I recommend following her on Instagram. She is also an interior designer, blogger, mom, and many other things, as well as, a genuinely sweet person.

So, back to this sweater. After watching Brittany Hayes' Instagram story, I ordered this for myself. It's black, a medium weight with gold snaps down the front. I love it. It fits great and looks great. I wear it snapped all the way up with a black tank underneath since the v-neck dips low. I usually wear a medium size shirt, and ordered a medium, and the sweater fits great, true to size. This sweater comes in many other colors too, and can be worn with the snaps undone too. And it's under $25.

I pair it with skinny jeans and my other fashion find I want to share, these canvas shoes. They're comfortable, easy, and cute. The ones I have are navy and white, I think now they just have them available in red and white, which is also super cute. I wear a size 8 shoe and ordered an 8 and they fit loosely but comfortably. I tried a 7 1/2 and it was too snug. I wear them with no show socks, and they fit and feel great all day. These are also under $25.

Hope you loves these fashion finds as much as I do. Let me know what you think. What great things have you found?

camel red and white canvas shoes

black sweater with gold buttons

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