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Fabletics Leggings

I needed some new leggings and decided to check out Fabletics. I am not sponsored or advertising for Fabletics; I just wanted to share some leggings I love, and a way to get two pairs for $24. has a deal where if you join, and become a VIP member, you can choose any two pairs of leggings for $24. As a VIP member, you will be automatically charged $49.95 each month, this is a credit to purchase whatever you want from the site if you do not skip the month during the first and the fifth of each month. VIP membership can be cancelled at anytime for free. So, this means as long as you skip the month between the first and the fifth you will not be charged $49.95. This way you can get two pairs of leggings for $24.

The leggings come in all different styles, colors, lengths, rises, patterns, fabric, meeting all different needs and preferences. I chose these Seamless High-Waisted Mesh Leggings in Burgundy and High-Waisted Statement Heathered in Grey.

I love the burgundy leggings. They are pretty, the color is like a deep plum, and the detail of the mesh is beautiful in person. They are super comfortable. I love the high waist; so, I don't have to worry about them riding too low.

I'm going to exchange the grey leggings for another pair of the mesh leggings. I tried these, because they had a pocket for a phone in the waist band, but my phone is too big to slide into the zipper opening. So, while comfortable, these were not as comfy as the burgundy ones, and the pocket wasn't going to be used. They have other leggings with different pockets that I may try to see if one works with my phone, like the trinity pocket high-waisted, which has pockets in the back.

So, if you are looking for some high quality, comfortable, and pretty leggings, check out and become a VIP to get two for $24. Let me know what you think and which pair is your favorite!

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