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Containment: Baby Gates and Fences

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Baby gates, the number depends on the layout of your house, and if your kiddo can reach door handles yet, and if you can easily lock and unlock doors, but your little one can't. We originally used two baby gates. Now, we use just one to keep our little ones out of our bedroom area, because we cannot see them from the living room or kitchen if they go in there. I like this style of baby gate where you have to slide and hold the red lock out of the way, then lift the latch to open the gate. This system kept my toddler from figuring out how to open them a little bit longer. Once he did figure it out, we secured the lock with nylon cable ties so that it's almost too tight to slide over. So, adults are strong enough to open them, but my kiddo isn't.

On a side note, we call cable ties zip ties, and use it as a verb too. For example, we zip tied the gates, but I don't know if that's just a Texas thing or an everyone thing. But just in case you know it as a zip tie like us, that's what you will need.

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Fence, you heard me, you might want to get a fence to divide a space to keep baby out of a specific area, and allow them to play in the safe area. For instance, in our house, we have the open living area divided with a fence. On one side is the computer desk with all the computer related things and cords that are off limits to our kiddos. Then, the other part of the living area is their play area. This is an easy way to divide a large space. We also have cats, so we were able to remove the posts where there is a cap, so they can now come and go as they please while still keeping out little ones. This fence also has a gate, but once our little guy figured out how to open it. We also secured this gate latch with a cable tie. This fence is short enough for adults to step over, so we just keep the gate closed and locked at all times.

I hope this helps you find a solution for how to make your home more safe for your little ones, and lets your little ones have some freedom to move around with out having to worry about them getting into too much trouble.

baby gate, baby fence, containment, baby proof, regalo

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