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Charging Station for Devices

With little ones, I started to accumulate electronics that need to be charged. Tablets or pads were charged on the kitchen counter so that little hands couldn't reach them, but they were often in my way when it came time to prepare food, and added more clutter to the counter. This charging station solves this, it keeps things organized, charges fast, and keeps cords out of reach. This organizer has room to charge two pads/tablets/small laptops, two phones, and a watch. Now I charge my watch and phone in the kitchen, so when it's time for bed I unplug, and with my device and watch out of reach I sleep more restfully.

The slots are wide enough to accommodate thicker protective cases like the red and blue ones we have on our pads. I paired this organizer with a 6 USB port charger, which also helps keep everything organized, so there's no longer multiple plug adapters everywhere, just one cord plugs in to the outlet. Everything, the cords, and the charger, stores in the bottom of the organizer, so they remain untangled and out of sight. Now, I can charge everything in one compact place. There are a variety of sizes and colors available to meet different needs made by G.U.S. aka Great Useful Stuff. I hope this organizes your charging needs.

RAVPower 60W 12A 6-Port USB Charger

G.U.S Multi-Device Charging Station

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