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Best Cup for Toddlers

I wanted to share the best cup I've found for toddlers, Munchkin Miracle 360 Sippy Cup. The cup does not leak unless your toddler smashes it upside down on tile (you all know why I know this), where as, other cups leak anytime they are tipped when your little one is drinking or handling them. So, what this means for parents is your toddler can shake it, throw it, drop it, and it does not leak. It has three pieces, the cup itself, a sort of colander that screws on, and then the top that is made out of silicone and pops on when you push down on the center. This makes it easy to take apart and clean, and it can run through the dishwasher. Other sippy cups have small parts and spouts that are hard to clean. Kids are also able to drink from any side on this cup due to the 360 design of the top. I've had these cups since Eli was born, so they are now 3 years old, and the only wear on them is from me or him dropping them on concrete, causing the plastic rim on the colander to get rough, but other than that, they look great, and are still in use. So, give them a try and let me know what you think.

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