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Bear Pillow Project Box: Progress Update

So, I started on the Bear Pillow which led me to realize several things.  First, I need a small funnel to fill up the small bottles with ink, because the opening is smaller than I imagined. Two, the linoleum is thinner than I expected. So, when I ink the shape I make, the ink gets on my fingers. If I attempt to stamp it, the ink would inevitably transfer from my fingers onto the fabric, because I do not have enough material to hold onto to keep my fingers out of the way.

I thought of a work around for this, which I am currently testing out. I glued my stamps to a second piece of linoleum, only to realize, I can’t see the exact shape while stamping. This prevents me from easily lining up with the shapes I have already stamped on the fabric to continue the pattern.  So, I’m going to trim the linoleum down to resemble the original stamp shape to hopefully fix this problem.  I am also looking to see if I can source a thicker linoleum, so, this whole glue a stamp to another piece can be avoided.  With all that being said. The one inked shape on the fabric is beautiful and everything I was hoping for.  So, a few hiccups to consider, but still headed in the right direction.  

Here is a glimpse of the pattern created by the stamped shapes onto the fabric for the Bear Pillow Project.  This took a lot longer than I anticipated. I learned the smaller the stamp and smaller the space between shapes, the longer printing will take. So, I think for my second demo pillow, I’ll make a larger stamp and/or a more open design. But that being said, I really like how this pattern looks. Now, I just got to print the other side. I also learned I need to tape the fabric down, so, it doesn’t move while I’m printing.

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