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Bear Pillow Project Box Progress

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Templates for Bear Pillow Project

So, I almost have everything I need to start making the bear pillow. I got the fabric in yesterday and it looks perfect. I was going for a natural color in an organic linen that feels good and looks good, and that's what arrived. So, I've drawn the seam allowance template onto the fabric, but my low odor permanent marker bit the dust, and I don't want to use a sharpee that has a strong odor. So, once I get the low odor markers in, I'll finish tracing the inside template that will show the line where the thread will be sewn.

fabric, organic, linen, project, box, bear, pillow, blog, wing, leader
Organic Linen for Bear Pillow Project

I've also started putting together the written instructions, that will change as I actually make the bear, and see what works best, and what can be simplified, or cut out all together. I'm excited and looking forward to bringing it all together and sharing it with you.

bear, pillow, seam, allowance, template, project, box, wing, leader, blog
Bear Pillow Seam Allowance Template

I also want to elaborate more on the idea of the Project Box, so, that I can be sure that I describe as best I can. So far, my plan is to create a monthly project series. Whoever wished to participate in making the month's project would preorder the Project Box. Each box would have a deadline to be ordered by, and then, I would place the order for all the supplies needed to fulfill the number of orders for that month's Project Box.

bear, pillow, project, box, wing, leader, blog
Bear Pillow Seam Allowance Template on Linen Fabric

Once I get the supplies in, I pack all the boxes to be shipped out by a planned date that will be known at the time the box is available for preorder. For example: pretend that the Bear Pillow Project Box is November's project. Orders for this box would need to be placed by October 1. And then, this Project Box would be shipped out the last week of October, so, that it would arrive by November 1. This might change as things start to come together, but hopefully that gives you an idea of how I hope all of this will work.

bear, pillow, project, box, wing, leader, blog
Drafts of Written Instructions for Bear Pillow

Each Project Box will have all supplies needed to complete the project, as well as, written instructions, and a video will be available on this blog detailing how to put the project together. My hope is to also make these collaborative for families. So, I will break down what steps little ones can help with too. But these will also be great for adults who enjoy making things.

So, right now, I am thinking of projects to create. Then, test out materials to see what works best. Once I have a line up of projects that have been developed, tested, and documented, I will begin scheduling their preorder dates and ship dates.

Oh, and finally, I am testing out my logo. I have always been drawn to quilting patterns. I guess I like the geometric shapes. They are beautiful to me. Anyways, with that in mind and my name, Wing Leader, I thought the flying geese quilting shape would be a good fit. It's graphic, and simple, and maybe serendipitous, because the smaller triangles forms a W. Of course, I am now noticing I put it upside down on my draft for the project instructions. So, imagine it rotated 180 degrees. It's a work in progress.

Thank you for following along on this process. I'll keep you updated on my progress. Have a great day!!

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