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Babywearing with Ergo 360

Updated: Jul 15, 2018

I don't wear my baby often, but when I do, the Ergobaby 360 is my favorite carrier that I have tried. It's relatively easy to use once you've got all the straps tightened and positioned about where you want them, which you only need to do once, and then adjust for comfort as you use it. I've also tried wraps, I like the idea of a wrap but, I am not confident in my ability to secure it in such a way that I wont be afraid that my baby will fall out or is too snug or too loose, this may be related to my inability to swaddle as described in my SwaddleMe post. Anyways, so the Ergo is already sturdy and when I look at it, I know how to put it on. Where as with a wrap, I would get flustered and not be able to figure it out before my baby said, "I'm done waiting. Pick me up already." While the Ergo does still have a little bit of a learning curve, its visual instructions are helpful and they also are really great about talking you through common errors on their instagram stories @ergobaby. Wearing the Ergo also makes me feel like I accomplished something. I know that's silly, but once I get the baby strapped in, I'm in a good mood and we are going outside and having fun! My advice, if you are interested in using this or any baby carrier is to get it and practice taking it on and off without baby, maybe use a doll or stuffed animal to help you figure out how you're going to position baby in various stages of getting them strapped in and taking them out safely. That way, when you get excited and are ready to venture out, your plans don't get changed, because you couldn't get the kid in the carrier in a reasonable amount of time. I think that's it. Have fun, go outside!

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