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Baby Proofing: Outlet Covers, Cabinet Locks, Wall Anchors

You will have a little bit of time to get your home baby proofed after your little one arrives, since baby isn't mobile for several months yet. Nature kind of gives you some time to catch up at each step. But if you're feeling extra motivated to tackle baby proofing while nesting, by all means, jump on it.

On a side note, you may need to baby proof one or more grandparents' or relatives' homes. If your little one is going to spend a lot of time there, this may be a good idea. If it's just for the occasional visit, you can keep a sharp eye on them, and don't need to baby proof their house too. If it's more often than that, you may want to go ahead and get some peace of mind, and baby proof their home too.

Outlet covers, baby proof

Outlet covers, these little plastic plug covers come in all shapes and sizes, and not all are created equally. Some are very attractive to toddlers, and some are very easy for toddlers to pry off with their fingers. These are the outlet covers we've had good luck with. They come with a small plastic key for adults to insert and twist to pry off the outlet when the electrical outlet is needed. Otherwise, they stay put, and our kiddo is not able to get them off by himself.

Outlet Covers, Baby Proof, baby proofing

outlet covers, baby proof, baby proofing

outlet covers, baby proofing

cabinet locks, baby proof

Cabinet locks, these help keep our kiddo out of the bottom cabinets in bathrooms and the kitchen. But as an extra precaution, I also have removed all chemicals and relocated them to the very top small cabinets above the fridge for an extra layer of safety. These cabinet locks are opened with a magnet. Whenever the magnet is aligned with the latch inside the cabinet, it can be opened. Unlocking my cabinets like this takes some getting use to, but these have kept our little guy out of the cabinets. He knows how to open the kind of locks that are little plastic levers that just need to be pushed down to unlatch. The locks pictured keep him out. He doesn't have access to the magnets. We store the magnets on top of the fridge, easy for us to reach, while out of reach for our little guy. These are secured with the kind of 3M tape used for wall hangers that do not need nails. If needed, they can be reinforced with screws. We have not needed to reinforce them so far.

cabinet lock, baby proof

cabinet lock, baby proof

cabinet locks, baby proof, baby proofing

Wall anchors, baby proofing

Wall anchors for furniture, don't underestimate a toddler's ability to climb. Anchor dressers and book cases, and any other furniture deemed a risk. My toddler has pulled all of his dresser drawers out at once while he was suppose to be taking a nap, and if the dresser had not been anchored, it would have tipped over forward, possibly on top of him. Toddlers are also bad about climbing and standing in dresser drawers, another way to tip them over on themselves. My kiddo has also climbed to the top of our bookcases, just one more way to pull something huge and heavy on top of himself. Expect the unexpected, and anchor all furniture that could become a danger before your kiddo starts climbing.

The photo shows Eli's dresser with all the drawers pulled out, this dresser is anchored to the wall. It is difficult to see here, but the dresser is leaning forward. If it was not anchored, my toddler would definitely have caused it to fall forward, possibly on himself. Hopefully this helps to plan how to baby proof your home too.

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