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Baby Names: My Best Advice

Naming a human is hard, but it should be. This is a name that our little ones will have for life, so, it is okay for it to be a challenge. This is what worked for us when we tried to figure out what to name our little guys.

So, let me back up, we were a little different than most new parents. We decided not to share our little guys’ names until they were born. Here are some reasons why:

First, usually when a name was shared with friends, family, or coworkers, they would offer a negative anecdote about someone they knew who had that name. People tried to dissuade or offer reasons why that was not a great name, and then offer alternatives that they preferred. To avoid this, we didn’t share names we were considering.

Second, we wanted to name our kids. I truly wanted the responsibility and joy of naming our kids to remain with us, me and my husband. I did not want any outside influence or opinions. I felt we were their parents, they grew in my body, I gave birth to them, the right to name them was mine and my husband’s.

Third, I wanted my kids to be individuals. I did not want to name them after their father and have a confusion of who we were talking to for the rest of our lives. I wanted everyone to have their own name.

I get it. Family, friends, and coworkers were excited about our babies. They wanted to feel involved, and a part of our babies’ lives, but choosing the name was not on the table.

If you want others to be involved with choosing the name, that's great. Please do what works best for you and your family. This is what worked best for us.

So, here’s how we decided what to name our two boys. It turns out my husband and I have very different tastes when it comes to names. We did not have a lot of common ground, but in the end, I think this led to us finding the names we loved the most, because it was difficult, but possible to find a select few that we both agreed fit our little guys perfectly.

So, this is what we did. I bought this book, The Baby Name Wizard by Laura Wattenberg. I went through all of the names and highlighted the ones I liked. Then, my husband went through just the ones I highlighted to mark the ones he liked. That way we started with a short list of names we both could agree were good candidates.

If there was a name either of us did not like for any reason, we moved on. We didn't try to persuade the other to consider a name that they clearly didn't like, and this seemed to help a lot. In the end, I wanted both of us to love the names we chose.

We probably had three names we were considering for each boy, so, not a lot. The book also covered things to consider when choosing names, such as, sounds that did or didn’t work well with certain last names, how many syllables, and all kinds of things to consider to help choose a name we loved.

So, I hope this book helps some expecting mommas and dadas out there find a name for their little one. Happy hunting.

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