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Art Project Box: Project Quilt Square, Documenting Work in Progress

So, I announced I had an idea that was influenced by many things around me including: makers I see on Instagram and Facebook, beautiful interior design in nurseries and homes, and my own style and interest in art and home decor. My idea is to create an art project for anyone and everyone who is interested in participating. Now, I am literally at the starting point of this whole thing, so, I want to document and share the process of putting this project together. I like seeing the behind the scenes of movies and how things are made. So, that is what I hope to share here. And in doing so, I hope to gain feedback from anyone who wants to participate and will help shape what this will be. Here are my initial thoughts that will change and refine as I plot and test and puzzle out what works and what doesn't.

I hope to have a monthly project box. In this box will be all the supplies needed to create a beautiful object for your home. My goal is to create projects that are fail proof. What I mean is, everyone who attempts this project will be happy with the result and be able to display it in their home.

At this time, I am at the point where I am planning projects and thinking out how to make these objects and sourcing and ordering a first round of supplies to test out and see if they will work for the projects I am imagining.

So, my first project I have started to plan is the Quilt Square Project. This is inspired by my love of pattern and geometric shapes as you can see in the quilt square painting above which was collaborative in the sense that I painted the geometric shapes over a painting created by my friend and fellow artist.

Quilt squares are beautiful and provide a great template for shapes that would be beautiful in any home. I also like the idea of getting my kid involved. So, I wanted to create a project that would give him freedom to create, but also with the structure that would result in a beautiful object.

So, my plan is to cut out shapes from laminate adhesive to create stickers that can be stuck to a canvas and create the quilt pattern. My hope is that the laminate will be sticky enough to adhere to the canvas and keep my kiddo from coloring underneath them. But also not too sticky, so they aren't difficult to peel off and remove when he's done drawing.

My plan is to pre-drill holes in the back of the canvas, so, that a wire can be installed easily and on any side. This allows the creators to change the orientation in any direction since the geometric shape can hang any direction.

I'd love to hear your thoughts or if you think this is something you would like to make as well. Hopefully, I'll have all the kinks worked out and have five projects or so planned and filmed and photographed within the next few months. And then the fun will begin when I start shipping project boxes to their new homes.

Thanks for reading!!

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